Top Trending Technologies for your Staff Augmentation Needs
By James Galligan on 9 Jul, 2019 |

Staff Augmentation

Candidates with updated skillsets are in focus in the technology services industry and there is stiff competition among companies to hire such professionals. Technology is helping organizations get ahead in the recruiting game to engage and hire the best talent. There are a lot of disruptive digital technologies that are changing the recruitment process. Social media, cloud tech, and artificial intelligence are some of the rising technologies that are paving the way for ground-breaking innovation in the IT Staffing industry.

An Application Tracking System (ATS) is increasingly finding favor with a lot of organizations as they rely on the ATS software to enhance and build their recruitment strategy. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another leading trend that is used by recruitment companies to get a competitive edge in hiring candidates. This technology aids in cutting down the time taken in repetitive tasks such as screening of resumes. A chatbot is one such innovative AI-based technology that is popular among organizations and helps effectively respond to varied candidate queries. AI helps the recruitment consultant in quickly finding a candidate that matches the criteria.

As the battle for hiring top talent gets tougher, enterprises both big and small need to embrace technology to improve their hiring competence. Technology helps us find the right fit for the job and to easily screen, refer, and nurture the best candidates. Let’s take a look at the following infographic that lists out some of the top trends that are changing the way we recruit.

IT Staffing Trends

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