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Strategize Your Hiring: Tips and Tricks for IT Recruiting


Hiring techies can get challenging. It is a well-known fact that India or South Asian countries have the biggest offshoring destination for IT recruiters and companies, with estimated employees of over 4.8 million people as of FY 2022. Needless to say, these locales are always out for IT hires, but how to come across the perfect candidate in this pool of IT applicants who can amount to millions? Following are some tips to strategize your IT hiring process with the help of recruitment organizations and hire the best candidates to your team.

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Investing in Efficient IT Recruiting: Why is it Important?

The IT Industry contributed 7.4% of the country’s GDP in FY 2022. Many IT employees can flourish your business with the right knowledge and input. Therefore, the hiring team behind the IT applicants needs to ensure glorious planning and effort to pick the best candidates. A suitable IT employee can:

  • Grow your business.
  • Help you stay ahead of the competition.
  • Enhance your business practices.
  • Help you diversify your office environment with SME’s in cutting edge technologies.

Recruitment Strategies in IT

Following are some helpful strategies that can help  you select the perfect candidate:

●  Designs a Detailed Job Description

While putting out any hiring alert, ensure that the job description contains a detailed set of skills so that the candidates know what is expected of them. This will include the required tech stacks, programming languages, and frameworks.  This will also help filter candidates when they search for skill-specific jobs.

●  Do Not Limit Your Reach

While looking for new employees, do not limit your hiring reach to just a few top cities. Outstanding candidates often emerge from tier-2 and tier-3 cities which is why businesses need to expand their geographical reach. Moreover, candidates from different parts of the country or even a different nation altogether bring in new sets of skills and insight that may not be as common in your area.

●  Utilize SNS

SNS or Social Networking Sites are a fruitful, efficient, and even crucial way to advertise your hiring needs in today’s world, that runs on technology and internet. 81% of job applicants have a Facebook profile and look for job opportunities via the platform.

●  Conduct Skill Tests

It goes without saying that conducting a skill test is an essential part of the hiring journey. However, the kind of test you conduct also affects the process. Hence, keep your test section short but impactful. The right questions and level of assessment can help you get the perfect candidate in an efficient time frame.

●  Ensure Techies in Your Hiring Team

It may be helpful to have experts in your hiring team to detect talent well enough. Companies can always seek help from the top recruiting consulting firms to ease their interview process and expect positive results.

Challenges Faced by IT Recruiters and How To Overcome Them?

Following are a few of the famous challenges faced by recruiters while hiring IT applicants and tips to overcome them:

  • Unable to Attract Candidates: An accurate job description and a clear set of defined skills for the job role are the way to go.
  • Difficulty Building Brand: To build your brand as a company, you must make your online presence more interactive to queries and provide your employees with a good work environment.
  • Inadequate Candidate Experience: Make sure your candidates come out of the interview with a positive outlook towards your company through a set of well-coordinated communication skills.
  • Inexperienced Recruiters: An IT hiring team needs to be well-balanced. You can miss good candidates if the recruiters are not familiar with the job details. Therefore, businesses can seek help from a recruitment company that can provide hiring experts for IT job roles.

Bottomline: Get One Solution to All your Hiring Needs

IT industry is the lifeblood to the Indian economy. Hiring IT experts and employees for any company is a necessity, to say the least. However, IT recruitment can get complicated. Want help in IT recruitment? MRCC Group is one of the best recruitment companies that specialize in IT-solutions and provides you with expert advice. One of their many IT-related services includes recruitment consultation to help your business gain talent and an optimized workforce.