10 May, 2021
Subash Chitoor, Director of Talent Acquisition Celebrates his 21st Work Anniversary with MRCC

When you are with your family you don’t count the number of years you are with them. You feel blessed for each additional year being with them. MRCC is a family to me and I feel fortunate being part of the journey. Working for a Consulting Company the challenges are plenty. It is not a one size fits all kind of solution. Every client is unique and their needs have to be custom tailored. From my initial role as an Account Executive Client in Sales to a Business Developer to a Recruiter to my current role as Head of Recruitment, this job has given me the experience to be able to relate to every role in the staffing industry.
I still remember those initial days in the US when I had just started working. There was a time when my car broke on route 128 and I waited on the side of the road for AAA. It was a bitterly cold New England winter day and I was only equipped with my blazer and tie to keep me warm. One of the cars had stopped to ask me if I was crazy because I stood there waiting in the cold. I thought about that, whether it was crazy to leave my entire life in India for this opportunity at MRCC. I led myself to think about my clients. I was not selling this opportunity for them in any special way, there was nothing different about me in that sense. Rather, it was my persistence and my honesty that propelled me forward. Whenever a client needed something, I was there. My words did not come from a script, they came from an honest, passionate, and hard-working person.
This is how I made it this far and this is how I will continue to work. Having had the experience of working with these consultants, placing them on projects, getting their H1b visas, and their green card filled, has been nothing but special. Most of them might not be MRCC employees anymore but they have become my good friends for life. Many people have asked me what keeps me motivated. It is simple! This job transformed my life for the better. The fact that I am able to do my part in changing other peoples’ lives makes it all worth it, said Subash Chitoor, Director of Talent Acquisition

When you look down memory lane, 21 years can be a long long time…!
But when you do something you love, 21 years might feel like a fleeting moment.
Almost two decades ago, when the MRCC family was beginning to grow, we had a vibrant, passionate, and driven individual join us and today we feel immensely proud congratulating Subash on the completion of 21 splendid years with us. We truly are fortunate to have you by our side, on this amazing journey and we look forward to your next BIG milestone. Kudos to your Determination, Sincerity, and Diligence! – MRCC